Increase your Trade Show ROI with these 5 easy tips

By Asha Morton

As the warmer months set in, trade show and conference season is rapidly approaching. There are many opportunities to connect with industry leaders and pioneers, key speakers, learn about new products, attend workshops, training sessions and earn certifications. If you are the person in charge of attending conferences for your organization, your team is relying on you to secure potential leads, clients and new projects. Therefore, it is essential to prepare your game plan prior to the event to ensure you profit the highest return on investment.

The 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018 is a huge opportunity to connect with manufacturing experts, small and large companies within the industry and to build future opportunities. The more you attend, the more you win. Companies like Ingersoll Rand, BMW Group, and Grady line up each year for one-on-one meetings with small businesses to create and build future opportunities. If you have attended the last two Summits, it is crucial to do your research and compare notes from the past events.

This list will help to maximize opportunities at the 3rd National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018:

As you organize your sales and marketing strategy, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Who is your target audience? Meet with your team prior to the event to find out if any of the active accounts they are targeting will be there. This is a great opportunity to set up onsite meetings and potentially close the deal, if you play your cards right.
  2. What are your teams’ overall goals? If you don’t know why you are there, how can you succeed? Outline clear goals and stick to them. Is it potential clients? How many deals you want to close? Write it down.
  3. How strong is your pitch?As you connect and network with other attendees, have case studies and client success stories on hand to help advocate why your company is the right choice.
  4. What is your Why? It’s important to know your company’s mission, vision and purpose. When positioning your company to make a deal or partnership, it’s important to align your team with like-minded thinkers. The ability to confidently voice your “why” will draw compatible prospects to you and bring the right people to the table.
  5. Are you marketing efficiently? Increase your brand presence during the conference by engaging through social media using the event’s hashtag. This is a great way to show the event followers how relevant your brand is.

The more you attend, the more you win. Network with the intention of securing every deal you position and you will see an increase in your company’s revenue.