The Proof is in the Pitch

The Benefits of One-on-One meetings and Fast Pitch Sessions


By Asha morton

Did you know the chances of converting a prospective lead to a customer increases tremendously when you are face-to-face? Progressively, more companies are adding fast pitch and one-on-one meetings to their event agendas. According to best-selling author, Jamie Turner, “91% of attendees say attending a show helps them make buying decisions because their competition is in one place allowing for comparison.”

Face-to-face has and always will be one of the most effective forms of communication. During trade shows, the attendees are stress-free, willing to listen and excited to connect with similar business owners. Usually, in these environments, it’s easier to be transparent and honest about company values and goals, which can lead to long-lasting future partnerships.

“If we don’t continue to nurture strong and positive personal relationships with our clients and coworkers, we won’t build trust, understanding, or a sense of a shared mission – all of which are critical elements to successful partnerships and business success,” advocated Michael Massari, Senior VP, Caesars Entertainment in Forbes Magazine.

Fast Pitch meetings are great opportunities to quickly engage a potential client or partner, educate them on your business and share case studies and client testimonies. Participating in the 15-minute sessions will position your business in front of key players and increase the visibility of your brand.

Attend the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018 and participate in 15-minute “Fast Pitch” sessions. It’s a chance for large corporations to meet with Minority Business Enterprises, giving the MBEs an opportunity to share their capabilities with sourcing professionals. This is the moment for each company to start and build relationships that may lead to mutually beneficial business deals in the future.

Companies committed to participate in Fast Pitch Sessions at the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018:



Grady Health Systems

Ingersoll Rand

Motion Industries