MuniRem Environmental, LLC signs exclusive agreement with State of Israel


MuniRem Environmental, LLC signs exclusive agreement with Explosive Manufacturing Industries (1997) Ltd, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

Duluth, GA. May 30, 2018 MuniRem Environmental, LLC is delighted to announce that Explosive Manufacturing Industries (1997) Ltd (EMI) has signed an agreement to be the exclusive distributor of MuniRem Reagents in the State of Israel.

EMI will use MuniRem technology for routine decontamination and safety in their own explosives manufacturing operations, in their demilitarization operations and will be the sole supplier of MuniRem Reagents to environmental remediation and munitions companies in Israel. EMI has already established an agreement with IEOD Engineering Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel, which will use MuniRem Reagent in its munitions destruction, demining and other munitions remediation activities.

EMI was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art explosives and as a sole supplier of explosives for civilian use. The company produces ammonium nitrate explosives, as well as emulsion explosives and busters. The products of EMI are mainly for use in quarry works, rock blasting and infrastructure and construction applications.

EMI is also active in the demilitarization of conventional ammunitions, the emptying of aerial bombs and projectiles and in the reclaiming of explosives and metal parts. EMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taavura Holdings Ltd.

MuniRem Environmental, LLC is the sole supplier of MuniRem Reagent – a better solution for the remediation of soil, groundwater, demilitarization, and decontamination of buildings and equipment that are contaminated with bulk explosives and residues. Our method neutralizes and completely destroys explosives safely and quickly to non-hazardous end products. MuniRem technology was developed at the University of Georgia and is exclusively licensed to MuniRem Environmental, LLC.

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