The Future of Manufacturing Technology

Nordex USA nacell manufacturing facility

The manufacturing industry has changed tremendously and technology has played a major role in the transformation. Manufacturers will invest over $250 billion in IoT based solutions as they move toward sustainable, more cost- effective practices to increase productivity and efficiency in their businesses. In most cases, manufacturers use internet based solutions to track assets, consolidate control rooms, autonomous fork lifts and additive manufacturing.


Check out these leading innovations expected to change the future of manufacturing


Drone delivery and autonomous robotics are leading in top manufacturing trends of 2018 as manufacturers search for ways to increase customer service, reduce costs and expedite product delivery.





Block chain technology is becoming a huge focus as its technology has the potential to ensure the authenticity and quality of the products in transit, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.




3D printing has become the most influential of manufacturing technologies that will impact 2018 and years to come. Aeroengine manufacturer GE, Lockheed and other companies have ambitious plans to produce over 100,000 3D printed parts by 2020.





Over 50 percent of manufacturers are searching for ways to engage consumers through virtual and augmented reality.






Georgia Tech Manufacturing Technology Tour

Experience the Manufacturing Technology tour of Georgia Tech’s campus during the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018 to learn about the latest innovations happening on campus! The tour will highlight technology from the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, the Delta and Boeing Advanced Manufacturing Center and more!