Experience Leading Trends in Manufacturing

By Asha Morton

Innovation and technology are transforming the manufacturing industry drastically, and the best is yet to come. As companies continue to grow and expand, their goal is to improve processes and create a sustainable work environment. Companies are investing millions to upgrade their facilities and improve operations.

Industry 4.0 is the combination of manufacturing automation and data exchange to create a “smart factory.” These factories will be controlled by a virtual production line and run physical manufacturing automatically, which in turn will help companies to expand, increase production and better the overall customer experience.

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Smart Gladiators are wearable mobile supply chain devices which allow the user to monitor shipment, inventory and other functions to improve operations in warehouses.


J&F Alliance Group provide mobile applications with augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D to assist Commercial, Military and Government agencies with training and other uses.




Social Box is an interactive event marketing tool that attracts attention, collects consumer insights and provides a memorable experience.








Join us at the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018 to experience the trending technology and innovation! Our conference participants will have the ability to fully engage and lay their eyes on technological innovations ranging from automation drones and robotics to augmented and virtual reality. It’s your chance to be among the first to interact with cutting-edge technologies, be inspired, and take ideas back to your company.