Close Deals with the Perfect Follow-up

What is the first thing you should do after attending the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018? If you answered follow-up, then pat yourself on the back. Sending promised information or scheduling the next meeting is crucial in the bonding process and allows you to keep the growth of the relationship under your control. Following up with potential clients can help ensure business deals stay on track and helps to keep them engaged.
Having a follow-up plan in place is important and could help secure more opportunities for your business.


Increase your chances of converting potential clients by implementing a follow-up system into your business development plan.


1. Don’t procrastinate, send the information you promised
Many conference attendees have two goals: to have successful meetings and to profit a high ROI from the event. It’s important to gather credible information, like product mockups or testimonials, which can be shared with the potential client to validate the capabilities of your company and help secure future business.
2. Reference points that originally got the client excited
After a successful day of one-on-one meetings and getting everyone excited about your product, it’s your job to keep the excitement going. Pay attention to body language during meetings, this will help as you build speaking points for an email or phone call, you can mention the attention-grabbing product or service.
3. Meet on Common Ground
When doing business with others, it’s some prefer to work with like-minded individuals. If there was a moment you and the potential client agreed on something during the meeting, recall the moment during your follow up. Doing this can help to establish mutual trust and make the future partnership more pleasant.

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