Sourcing the Future: Manufacturing with a Purpose

Manufacturing’s Fourth Wave

By: Asha Morton

The importance of optimizing your manufacturing to meet today’s digital ways is crucial. As technology advances and the times change, many companies are shifting their means of manufacturing to cater to current demand. Industry 4.0, also known Manufacturing’s Fourth Wave, is powered by developments that include smart manufacturing robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

According to Flex Magazine, Industry 4.0 will bring with it what’s being called the “smart factory,” which will see cyber systems monitor factory processes and make decentralized decisions. It will also see concepts and products reviewed virtually to maximize efficiency and minimize risk—which will ultimately also lead to cost savings.

This shift in the supply chain will push industry leaders to work more efficiently while giving product designers more control. “Smart manufacturing streamlines time, effort and communication between each step, creating faster and more reliable service,” Flex said.

Ingersoll Rand is one of the companies implementing new technology that collects precise data and maximizes productivity. The global leader in reliable and innovative power tools introduced the INSIGHTqc controller to help manufacturers in heavy equipment and automotive, who require advanced fastening strategies to take control of their assembly processes quickly. This device saves customers time and money by providing a flexible and capable solution that can communicate operations data back to customer quickly and accurately.

John Evans, Vice President of Global Procurement for Ingersoll Rand, will present a discussion on Sourcing the Future: Manufacturing with a Purpose. John is an industry leader and is supportive of innovative ideas that advance the goal of global sustainability. He is an expert at driving solutions and has a passion for product and category management and creation.





Join us at the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018 to hear keynote speaker John Evans discuss Sourcing the Future: Manufacturing with a Purpose.