Pivot to Thrive Roundtable

The Georgia MBDA Business Center has received CARES Act funding from MBDA to implement the MBDA Business Center CARES Act Assistance Program.

As part of the program, we will operate the Pivot to Thrive Roundtable, a support program for MBEs and small businesses in economically distressed and rural areas.  

 We will conduct these online roundtables to help business owners discuss the COVID-related difficulties they are experiencing and work together to identify resources and solutions.   

Our staff will provide training, education and knowledge transfer, and the businesses themselves can provide peer support through this COVID-19 crisis and beyond. All roundtables will be conducted virtually to expand our reach to businesses in communities that often have limited or no access to executive coaching.

This is a four-week program, offered at no cost to entrepreneurs and business owners.   ·     

It is no cost (funded by MBDA) and low commitment.· The roundtable (up to 10 business owners) will meet once a week for four weeks, with one of our staff members facilitating.·        

 We will manage the scheduling and provide the call-in number.  We will start the conversation and facilitate the roundtable for the first 4 weeks, then we hope the participants will want to continue as a group.  

If you are interested – or if you know business owners who may be interested – please express interest here: https://bit.ly/MBDACARESRoundtable.