A Preemptive Online Shift


In October of 2016, Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin first opened the doors of Real Weight Loss and Wellness. As a physician with over two decades of experience and dual board certification in both primary care and medical bariatrics (the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of obesity), Dr. Jada and her team have been independently serving Atlantans for almost five years.

In those five years, Dr. Jada has developed a diverse group of clients, helping individuals eleven years or older lose weight and establish a wellness inspired and attainable lifestyle. With two offices in Dunwoody and Marietta, Dr. Jada focuses on a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to wellness.

Like many clients of Georgia MBDA Centers, Dr. Jada was originally referred by a friend to speak with the Centers’ director, Donna Ennis. Dr. Jada claims that she was immediately made aware of a plethora of opportunities that existed for small businesses and was able to capitalize on the professional, business, and personal development services offered by the Centers. Dr. Jada stayed in contact with the Georgia MBDA Centers and registered as a client.

“The services provided caused me to be able to be strategic and confident that I had a resource that could help me through these challenging times as a small business.” – Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin

In 2020, upon the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Jada noted that she preemptively received a call from Jennifer Pasley of the Georgia MBDA Centers. Jennifer called to check in with Dr. Jada and her clinic as well as to inform her of potential funding opportunities listed in the CARES Act (The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act). At this time, Dr. Jada had already been looking into expanding her reach to a larger demographic by offering online services, and with the support of Jennifer Pasley and funding from the CARES Act, Real Weight Loss and Wellness was quickly able to maneuver and capitalize on a shifting and unstable economy.

Today, clients have the opportunity to schedule virtual appointments with Real Weight Loss and Wellness, and Dr. Jada has been able to grow her business in a time when business security has become a scarcity. Dr. Jada noted that the road ahead for Real Weight Loss and Wellness is looking bright as she continues to expand in the local Atlanta area as well as offer virtual services to individuals across the country. As a result of her connections with the Georgia MBDA Centers and a routine check-in call, Dr. Jada was able to pivot her business to an online platform while the rest of the world was waiting to see what would come of the Coronavirus pandemic.

To learn more about the Dr. Jada’s services or to schedule an online appointment, visit startwithreal.com. Real Weight Loss and Wellness is also on Facebook and Instagram @realweightlosspro.