Want to hire Student Interns? Get Started Today

Students in Flavio Fenton's lab

Last week, we highlighted the benefits of creating a student worker program for your company and discussed the differences between an internship and a co-op. This week, we’ll be sharing our four key questions to keep in mind when establishing a student worker program and the specific ways that your company can recruit at Georgia Tech.

1. What do you Hope to Gain from this Experience?

As you continue to think about establishing an internship/co-op program, you should first be identifying what needs will the student fulfill. How you design your internship will center on this idea. If you’re looking to hire a student worker for an individual project set to be completed by the end of the internship, your program will look different from a company who hires students on a rotating basis for work on a continuous project.

Also, consider that student workers are excellent for completing internal operational projects which your team might be too busy to get to. When creating an internship or co-op program, brainstorm ways to maximize your team’s productivity by hiring a student for internal tasks.

2. Who will be Overseeing the Student?

Anytime a new employee is hired, there is an onboarding process. Consider how you will onboard your new student worker, especially since they are still full-time students and their industry experience may be limited. Hiring a student worker could be an opportunity for one of your employees to take ownership over a new project. Overseeing an intern can be as easy as a small orientation with a check-in meeting once a week.

When evaluating the program that you are developing, consider whether the student will report to a project manager, a specified employee who manages the interns/co-ops, or to yourself. All options have their unique values, and only you can evaluate your work environment and find the best fit.

3. How will you Improve for Next Year?

Offering internships and co-ops is an amazing opportunity to help promote your company’s image, contribute to the community, and actively recruit new talent. You should regularly evaluate your program’s structure and success and seek new avenues for growth and improvement. By continuing to provide unique and beneficial experiences for student workers, you will see the capabilities of increased proficiency from your program as well as stronger recruitment and retention.

Always consider how you will define a successful internship or co-op project. Is it just that the project was completed on time, or will there be other metrics such as educational opportunities, mentorship roles, or return as full-time employees?

4. Where do you get Started?

As clients of the Georgia MBDA Business and Advanced Manufacturing Centers, you’ve already taken the first step in creating a relationship with one of the top academic and research institutions in the country, Georgia Tech. To begin recruiting for an intern or co-op program, be sure to take advantage of the many resources offered by the Georgia Tech Career Center.

The Georgia Tech Career Center not only offers a fully equipped team that helps students find internship, co-ops, and full-time positions, but they also have a dedicated employer relations team that assists employers in effectively recruiting Georgia Tech students. The employer relations team can provide extra information on ways to get involved with on-campus career fairs, employer town halls, and the Georgia Tech exclusive online career portal.

The Georgia Tech Career Center also provides a number of resources for employers to use when getting connected, including an employer recruitment guide, a frequently asked questions page, information sessions, and more.

The Georgia Tech Career Center is rich in resources for business owners looking to establish and recruit for a student worker program. Make sure to visit the resources listed in this article and continue to read our blog for more specific information on engaging with Georgia Tech.