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As noted in our GT Series introductory post, Georgia Tech is no stranger to holding onto prestigious rankings including a handful of top 10 STEM degree programs throughout the country. Included in Georgia Tech’s long list of accolades is its extremely successful career fair program operated through the Georgia Tech Career Center.

Each year, the Georgia Tech Career Center hosts a number of career fairs for current undergraduate and Georgia Tech alumni to engage face-to-face with companies, like yourself, who are looking to hire exceptional candidates. The career fairs offered through Georgia Tech range from “All Majors” events with upwards of 7000 annual attendees to a handful of major or industry specific events which offer a more intimate for recruiters and potential applicants.

Why Should You Participate in a Career Fair?

If you’ve read our recent posts on why you should hire student workers and tips and tricks to keep in mind when establishing an intern program, you should know by now that businesses who successfully recruit undergraduate students continuously reap the benefits of their decision. When hiring, however, it is important to get in the mind of an undergraduate student and to meet them where they are. By participating in collegiate programs such as career fairs, employers can begin to establish a relationship with a school just by attributing themselves as a sense of face and place with the campus environment. The more exposure your business produces, the more likely undergraduate job seekers will recognize and seek out your company when searching for undergraduate or full-time work opportunities.

The 2011 Georgia Tech Career Fair was held at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC).

Georgia Tech’s largest career fair is the Fall All-Majors Career Fair which hosts close to 400 companies and 7000 potential applicants seeking internships, co-ops, or full-time opportunities. Spanning three days and hosted on campus, the All-Majors Career Fair is a recruitment hub where participants have the opportunity to research companies ahead of time and speak to directly to current employees and hiring managers while businesses can preview exceptional talent for their specific needs.

While the All-Majors Career Fair is an excellent opportunity to recruit from a wide range of individuals, there are also a number of opportunities offered through Georgia Tech for more streamlined recruiting. For example, a number of colleges and majors offer their own individual career fairs: College of Computing Career Fair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Fair, and Mechanical Engineering Career Fair. Other colleges and majors also offer smaller recruitment events such as panel discussions, meet and greets, and roundtables where employers can engage with specific groups and undergraduate interest, to learn more about these opportunities be sure to stay engaged with the GT Career Center.

What Opportunities are Coming up Soon?

Georgia Tech continued to offer career fair services through virtual platforms throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and there are a number of scheduled opportunities coming up over the next few months.


JULY 22, 2021 | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Who is invited?

Students & Alumni from Georgia Institute of Technology across all Majors & Degrees

Candidates seeking Full-time, Intern, & Co-op jobs

Recruit graduate and undergraduate talent

How does it work?

Learn More – Free Informational Webinar

Where do I have to go?

Nowhere, it all happens online!

Flexible Time Frame: Each organization chooses their own chat times during the event

Register for the Event here.

Fall 2021 All-Majors Career Fair :: SAVE THE DATE

Event Day(s):

September 13, 2021; September 14, 2021; September 15, 2021


Georgia Tech’s Fall Career Fair is the largest in the south. Every year, nearly 400 companies and nearly 7,000 students attend the fair. Companies attending the fair are hiring co-ops, interns, and full-time positions.





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