What’s a Capstone Project? And Why Should You Apply?

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Over the course of our student worker series, we have focused exclusively on the best practices for hiring students through building internship programs and attending career fairs. Whether you have already executed these steps or are working with your team on the foundational stages, there also exists other opportunities for your company to engage with undergraduate talent.

The Georgia Tech Senior Design Capstone Project is an opportunity for companies to sponsor graduating Georgia Tech students to execute a specific research and design project for your group. Utilizing the skills these seniors have acquired over their time at Georgia Tech, the applications for these projects will directly benefit a specific need for your company. For a quick overview, please watch the video embedded below.


What is the Capstone Course?

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Since its inception, Georgia Tech has focused on providing its students with an applicable and industry focused education so that graduates would be extremely prepared for the workforce. Through this philosophy stems the culminating senior capstone project. In Capstone program, students have the ability to tackle “real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research project sectors.” Companies, like yours, provide a sponsorship to Georgia Tech and in return receive a student group ready and willing to solve your proposed problem through an engineering design process.

Focusing on business principles, research, and design, these student groups are mentored by academic professionals over the course of the semester, will work directly with your company (and upon your requests can perform actual site visits to further understand the work), and on average will contribute over 500-man hours to your specific project. Your group will not only receive exceptional work from students eager to capitalize on their undergraduate experience, but these provided solutions will also remain as your company’s intellectual property for your own further development.

How Do I Participate?

To propose a project for the Georgia Tech Capstone Program, your business will act as a sponsor for the program, donating a minimum of $10,000 to help cover course expenses, team presentations and reports, and material and services costs for prototype fabrication. Sponsors will also submit their proposed project to the Capstone project portal listing their pitch, contact information, and any desired skills or considerations. After this information is received, students will form groups and begin bidding their ideas on the proposed projects. Once a proposed solution is accepted, your business and the GT student team will work closely to execute your proposed research and design problem.

To propose a project to the Capstone program, click here. To learn more about these opportunities make sure to visit the Capstone website or email capstone@gatech.edu.