eSpin Technologies Celebrated as MED Week’s Manufacturer of the Year


Georgia MBDA Business Center client, eSpin Technologies, has been selected as Manufacturer of the Year in conjunction with the National Minority Development Enterprise (MED) Week conference. The Minority Manufacturing Form of the Year award is presented to a firm that has achieved success employing new and innovative techniques that led to significant increase in market share, job growth, and customer satisfaction.

eSpin Technologies has worked closely with the Center in their transition from manufacturing nano filters to face masks for Volkswagen after the onset of COVID-19. eSpin Technologies was originally founded with the intent to develop manufacturing technologies to commercially manufacture nanofibers and nanofiber products. After teaming up with federal agencies and industrial partners, eSpin Technologies emerged as the leader in the nanofiber manufacturing industry.

After the onset of COVID-19, eSpin Technologies discovered a new, innovative use for their nanofiber technology- creating high quality face and respiratory proactive gear. Each facemask contains a nanofiber core with state-of-the-art filtration abilities. eSpin Technologies worked closely with the Georgia MBDA Business Center during this production. Filling this niche in the market led to the company receiving the Manufacturer of the Year award.

Congratulations to Mr. Jayesh Doshi and eSpin Technologies!