Donna Ennis Receives ABC’s “Outstanding Voice” Award


The Georgia MBDA Center congratulates Donna M. Ennis, C.P.F, Director, Diversity Engagement and Program Development, Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, for her Atlanta Business Chronicle 2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Outstanding Voice Award. Last week, Ms. Ennis received the Outstanding Voice Award for her incredible contributions to advancing equality in the business community. In her interview with the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Ms. Ennis discussed leadership, her introduction into the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and what the next steps are for the minority business community.

“I have seen and experienced — through my clients’ eyes — what it is like to do business in a world that is not equitable and still be successful, employ people, make payroll, and feed families. It’s not easy, yet their spirits are unshakeable. I am driven by their unwillingness to let the challenges stop them.”

Ms. Ennis’s work as Director, Diversity Engagement and Program Development at Georgia Tech and Project Director of the Georgia MBDA Business Center is focused on advocating for and supporting the minority business community in Georgia. In these roles, Ms. Ennis managed programs that assisted minority businesses in generating more than $6.4 billion in revenue and/or financing and creating and/or retaining in excess of 6,000 jobs. She also provides hands-on support and mentorship for business owners, creating lasting partnerships and success. In her acceptance speech, Ms. Ennis thanked her family, the organizations and companies that have supported this mission, and the minority business community.

“Most importantly, I want to thank the minority business community…these are companies that have put their faith and trust in us to make sure that we steer them in the right direction to help them achieve their dream of building a successful business. These are the companies that put their trust in us to understand the trials and tribulations they have to face, not only as a business, but a business that is owned by a person of color…. But most importantly, these are the businesses that have put their trust in us to realize that their employees are feeding families, they are buying numerous homes, they are putting thousands of kids through college, and uplifting the economic conditions of the community. So, to all of our minority businesses, I want to thank you for allowing me, for allowing all of us, to raise our voices for you.”