Stacy’s Rise Project

As a female-founded brand, Stacy’s is determined to empower and support women entrepreneurs. In light of this mission, they launched the Rise Project, dedicated to helping women grow their businesses through funding, mentorship, and community. With over $450,000 invested to date, the Rise Project is an incredible resource for women entrepreneurs.

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Stacy’s Rise Project

Stacy’s is teaming up with some of today’s most renowned storytellers to share the journeys of powerful women of yesterday and today, illustrating their ups and downs – because no journey to success is linear. When progress feels stalled or under siege, going back to our roots can spark the fire we need to create greater change. The stories, voices, and fortitude of those who came before are a rich reserve of resilience, inspiring us towards progress and propelling us into the future.

When one woman rises, we all rise.