Don Cravins Jr. Named First-Ever Under Secretary of Commerce for Minority Business Development


Donald R. Cravins, Jr. is now the first-ever Under Secretary of Commerce for Minority Business Development for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). His historic appointment followed the codifying of the MBDA, which passed the agency into law, making it a permanent institution.  This significant elevation in authority and influence, as mandated by the Minority Business Development Act of 2021, expands the geographic reach of the MBDA through the establishment of regional centers, increases the MBDA’s grant-making capacity, and creates a council to advise Under Secretary Cravins.

“It is an honor to serve as the nation’s first Under Secretary of Commerce for Minority Business Development. I have spent my life dedicated to fostering and advancing minority entrepreneurship, and I am excited to fully embrace the mission of MBDA,” said Under Secretary Cravins. “I look forward to leading the team of professionals at MBDA and working to ensure minority business enterprises are provided the support and resources they need to succeed in urban, rural, and tribal communities.”

Under Secretary Cravins will lead MBDA in its service of the nation’s 9.7 million minority business enterprises (MBEs), and is dedicated to turning the MBDA’s new voice and influence into policy and real change for minority entrepreneurs.