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Health Care Expert Alliance Round Table (HEART)

The Healthcare Expert Alliance Round Table (HEART) is a matchmaking and education program that provides established minority business enterprises (MBEs) in the healthcare industry with opportunities as well as up-to-date information on industry trends and technologies, opportunities for teaming, and connections to healthcare leaders. HEART operates with the ultimate goal of providing an avenue for MBEs in healthcare to develop relationships with healthcare leaders.

Who does HEART serve?

HEART serves two customers:

  1. MBEs who supply the healthcare industry.
  2. Healthcare systems, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and other healthcare companies and organizations seeking to identify and contract with experienced MBEs.
How does HEART serve MBEs?

HEART provides services to MBEs in two key areas: Education and Opportunities.


Educational sessions offer MBEs knowledge on industry trends and pertinent topics. The MBC taps new and existing community partners in healthcare, i.e. Grady Health Systems and the Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance, for this purpose. Educational session topics may include:

  • The emergence of “wearables” in the field of care
  • Opportunities in healthcare manufacturing
  • Reducing and eliminating hazardous medical waste through sustainable business practices
  • New trends in medical billing
  • The overlap of healthcare with AI and Machine Learning
  • Job Order Contracting
  • How to enter a contract with a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)
  • How to do business with a Distributor (Medline, Cardinal, etc)

Procurement and contracting opportunities are facilitated through group meetings and one-on-one matchmaking. The program employs a hybrid of virtual and in-person events.

How can HEART connect me with MBEs/healthcare organizations?

Whether you’re an MBE searching for opportunities or a healthcare organization seeking to build your pipeline of MBE suppliers, HEART can assist you through a 3-step process.

I’m an MBE. How can I participate in HEART?

HEART is a client-only program. To participate as an MBE supplier, you must become a client of the Georgia MBDA Business Center by scheduling an introductory meeting with our center and completing the client intake form and assessment.

How does HEART serve the healthcare industry?

HEART connectsxperienced MBEs with local, regional, and national hospital systems (both private and public), GPOs, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and major corporations. Organizations who are interested in connecting with our cohort of MBEs click here

What does a typical HEART meeting look like?

Matchmaking and educational sessions are unique, but the overall structure of each meeting is similar. HEART opens with registration and networking, followed by introductory remarks. In matchmaking meetings, healthcare organizations discuss opportunities, while educational sessions provide an overview of emerging trends or topics in healthcare. Each meeting ends with Q&A, discussion, and networking.